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Youth for Development (YFD) has emerged as a necessity to respond basically to the urgent needs of the Palestinian young children refugees in Lebanon who have been suffering for long from many psychosocial disturbances, physical deformations, psychological disorders, and social problems. Prevailing feeling of frustration and distress among youth manifested itself in delinquent behaviors (drugs, theft, illiteracy and tendency to violence). However, this will not exempt YFD from the inclusion of Syrian and Lebanese Youth in the agenda of its concerns since they all live under the same conditions and confront common problems.


UNRWA schools have been facing many problems for a long period due to tight budget, overcrowded classrooms, low rate success in official exams due to the policy of auto-promotion from a low to a higher level in the elementary cycle, and the two-shift system which entails reduction of daily school hours, thus depriving students of having extracurricular activities.


Besides, Lack of instructional and educational material as well as lack of physical and fine arts education have eventually lead to the total absence of recreational activities. The need for these activities is highly mirrored in the psychological status of the students. High drop-out rate reaching about 22 percent after completion of the intermediate cycle has been observed.


NGO’s are cooperating with UNRWA to help youth with no capacity to build their future. The NGOs are striving to supply the market with skilled labor and to provide youth with good employment opportunities and be well-built competitors to their counterparts in the market, outfitting them with better skills and better training. Being one of the kind and via its subsidiary bodies and their related functional centers and pilot programs, YFD will exert utmost effort to contribute in the empowerment of youth on a wide range of expertise to make their world a better place.


Our Offices:
YFD Main Office   +961 1 305 338
YFD Social and Cultural Activities Center - Beirut    +961 1 818 814
YFD Social and Cultural Activities Center - Saida    +961 7 736 156

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