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Participation: Participation is essential in fostering more democratic societies. No reform process aiming at sustainable political, economic and social development could be achieved without proper representation, participation and the inclusion of the people. 
Democratic Rights: Sustainable participation requires a number of fundamental rights that would protect and safe-guard it. As such, YFD believes that young people should have the right to participate in political life and to be fairly represented, but in order to do so, they should have several civil rights including the right to express their opinion and the right of assembly. YFD believes that these fundamental rights should not only be incorporated in the country’s constitution but should also be adopted and implemented within the legal framework and laws.
Empowerment: Empowerment means developing young people's confidence and ability to participate. YFD believes that young people not only need be given the proper tools to participate and influence decision-making processes, but opportunities and potentials of participation need to be fostered as well. In addition, YFD supports the concept of young change agents or leaders that can promote and induce meaningful change in the community.
Tolerance: YFD strongly supports peaceful coexistence and the concept that everyone has the right to follow and practice their own social and spiritual beliefs without oppression or discrimination. YFD believes that tolerance is a fundamental right in a democracy and learning to live with each other and accepting our differences, is central to bringing about peace.  
Equity and Gender Balance: YFD believes that young people, especially young women, represent the future and thus should be empowered to voice out their opinions, be allowed to develop and defend their civil rights, get fair representation and the equitable opportunity to flourish and live with hope, peace and dignity.
Our Offices:
YFD Main Office   +961 1 305 338
YFD Social and Cultural Activities Center - Beirut    +961 1 818 814
YFD Social and Cultural Activities Center - Saida    +961 7 736 156

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