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The purpose of YFD shall be achieved by numerous interventions and actions; among which are:

1- Establish and support educational institutes and vocational training hubs at all necessary vocational and academic levels to ensure young people’s employability and participation.


2- Promote and develop youth activities in artistic and cultural fields.


3- Seek to acquire scholarships for young students at all levels and disciplines.


4- Enhance practical skills and professional capacities of young people.


5- Increase capacities of young people to speak out and advocate for their rights and represent themselves in their community.


6- Enhance participation of young women in economic, social, political, and public life.


7- Promote leadership spirit skills and attitudes among young people.


8- Network and pool resources with local and international stakeholder.


9- Enhance use of civic participation in democratic processes.


10- Promote tolerance through education and dialogue among different youth groups.


11- Exchange youth experience and build bridges among different youth groups.


12- Develop young people’s skills to prevent conflicts and resolve problems.


13- Protecting children and juveniles by raising awareness on the risks of some of their actions and preventing them from delinquency to play his role in society.


14- Prevent domestic violence through seminars and awareness-raising sessions aimed at changing misconceptions about women, their rights and their role in society and highlight the pastoral and protective role of the father in the family.


15- Promoting awareness among youth groups regarding environmental issues including recycling and reusing materials.


Our Offices:
YFD Main Office   +961 1 305 338
YFD Social and Cultural Activities Center - Beirut    +961 1 818 814
YFD Social and Cultural Activities Center - Saida    +961 7 736 156

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